International Airport Services

IAS HANDLING (International Airports Service) is increasingly implemented in Spain with all the airport services it provides, its growth is being exponential year after year.

Cloud-based solutions

IAS Handling

In order to continue providing the service and quality that distinguishes it, it has carried out a total digital transformation of all its systems and communications, IAS has relied on a reference Engineering in Spain in Systems and Communications such as Aryse Infraestructuras SL.


The entire Systems and Communications solution, both management, control and production are based on cloud solutions.

Ricardo Bagen Executive Director Spain tell us:

  • "It has been a challenge to be able to perform totally different implementations to those installed in the companies of the sector"
  • "Due to being an innovative proposal, the challenge has been great, sometimes reaching dizzying heights"
  • "Several test models were made, discarding the most unstable"
  • "Success was almost guaranteed, but it is true that there is a little nervousness at the time of disconnection from current systems"


All the solutions involved in the company's production are in the cloud:

  • Ip telephony.
  • Virtual data center and storage.
  • Communications (network electronics, Wireless, etc.) with management and control through Control of Commands.
  • Cybersecurity with perimeter protection thanks to the solutions of a leading global manufacturer coordinated with end-user protection integrated with the same manufacturer.


"All the systems were in layout, tested and failed and went into production in less than 48 hours, now seen in perspective the change seems easy, but if there had been a setback, the disorders would have caused the lack of service to our customers, of which none have heard of this change, ”says Jaume Planas Warehouse Manager.


In financial terms, Beatriz Meléndez Station Manager of IAS tells us. “The advantages of implementing these solutions are endless, CAPEX is not affected, as are the financing lines, it can grow in infrastructure as the business grows, it is not necessary to make an initial investment to provide a series of services about clients that are about to arrive”

One of the keys to the success of this project has been to create a unique team between IAS HANDLING and ARYSE INFRAESTRUCTURAS, not to maintain a client-supplier relationship, but to create a link of involvement between all participants so that the project will be carried out.

At the moment the project continues with the integration of airport applications, development of reporting applications of traceability of goods, extension of base stations in other cities, etc.

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